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Tzach Yoked, Haaretz

She’s cool, vivacious and exudes the energy of a spin instructor in a glitzy gym, but Rebecca Keren Eisenstadt is an ordained rabba. Her goal involves injecting religious identity, ritual and culture into the lives of Manhattan's ultra-wealthy Jews by means of a unique – and frequently flashy – form of spiritual leadership


Julia Gergely, JTA

Most afternoons, Eisenstadt and her shih-poo, Scout, can be found shuttling between the Upper East Side homes of her 40 tween students — or “Jewdents,” as she calls them — as they prepare for their bar or bat mitzvahs. On the weekends, you might spot her on social media, where she goes by @myhotrabbi and frequently posts selfies from her client’s lavish parties. And soon, she hopes, you’ll find her on TV, thanks to Reese Witherspoon’s media company, which is making a documentary series about her life as a single rabbi looking for love.


Authority Magazine/

… Being a leader is not just having a position of authority that others look towards you for guidance. Being a leader means that you walk the walk and talk the talk. I talk about leading a life full of following the commands of the Jewish bible, that means I also follow those commands. It means I live modestly, kindly, according to many customs and rules of our tradition. I don’t just ask people to donate, I donate my time to charities too. I bring people to organizations I am a part of.


Gabrielle Maya/Enspire Magazine

Rebecca is a Rabbi, educator, and performer, whose focus is to entertain and educate others through her Jewish practices and artistry.Her mother, Merry Madway Esisenstadt was her role model and inspiration. Her mother taught her more about being a rabbi and educator than just her studies. Rebecca’s mother was self-motivated and pursued her passions of Jewish learning and the Hebrew language...


Elevated Magazine

I used to say the most unique thing about me was that I was born on my older sister’s birthday. I’ve stood out since day one. Decades  later, while starring in an off-Broadway musical in the rarely spoken language of Yiddish, Time Out New York would call me: “Lovely, A Standout!” I’ve made a name for myself as the premier on-demand Rabbi and Jewish Educator in New York City. Now, Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine has begun to develop a follow-documentary series about my remarkable  life as a young and single Rabbi.


Joy Resmovitz/Forward

So she put her Yiddish skills to use, supplying most of the piece’s Yiddish words through many of the script’s revisions. At one point, a scene between the shop manager and his wife was cut. “I thought I could supply some of the dialogue in Yiddish,” Keren said, so the scene was brought back into the oratorio. She plays the manager’s wife.

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